Administrative Order 2020-8: Live Streams of 听到委员会 Proceedings

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PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT the 董事会 on Professional Responsibility continues to adjust its operations to address concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

 Having determined that the 董事会 has the technical capability to conduct proceedings remotely, Administrative Order 2020-7 provided that oral arguments before the 董事会 and all hearings before 听到委员会s (whether in contested cases, negotiated discipline cases or reinstatement cases), will proceed as scheduled via videoconference.  These remote proceedings are conducted using the Zoom platform, and are intended to facilitate the fair and timely resolution of disciplinary proceedings, while protecting the health and safety of the volunteer adjudicators, 当事人, the disciplinary system staff and the public. 

 Administrative Order 2020-6 provided that oral arguments before the 董事会 will be live-streamed in their entirety on the 董事会’s YouTube channel, but that the audio only of 听到委员会 proceedings would be live-streamed on the 听到委员会s’ YouTube channel.  Links to those channels are available on the 委员会的网站.

It now appearing that the Superior Court of the District of Columbia is streaming live audio and video of trial-level proceedings, the live-streams of 听到委员会 proceedings will now include both audio and video.    Streams of 听到委员会 proceedings shall be available for live viewing only, and shall be removed from the 听到委员会s’ YouTube channel at the conclusion of each hearing day.

Live streams of 董事会 or 听到委员会 proceedings shall not be recorded.

The 董事会 will make additional adjustments as circumstances warrant.

请参阅 Administrative Order 2020-8